Keep your workforce safe when travelling long distances

Intuitive, customisable, scalable, accessible journey management system to escalate missed ETAs to your safety team in real-time.

How does it work, and what does it cost?

When employees to travel long distances to, from, and between locations, by preference or by law, organisations can keep their employees safe by tracking their journey and arrival status and triggering automatic escalation policies if required.

Monitor your workforce's long distance journeys in real-time with just one scan of a QR Code (no apps, no hardware)

Step 1 - Create escalation policies
Setup: driver alerts,
escalation SMS, etc
Step 2 - Use URL or scan QR Code
Start: route, ETA, phone...
Update: extend, complete
Step 3 - Monitor in real-time
Monitor: active, past,
and escalated journeys

The pricing is simple, and based on pay-as-you-go principles at $4.80 per journey (ex. GST), payable by credit card or invoice. There are no recurring costs, no hidden costs, no additional costs. We also offer enterprise discounts for bulk purchases for 1000+ journeys.

What organisations will benefit from this?

A large variety of organisations want to keep their workforce safe when travelling to, from and during employment with auto-escalation notifications and dynamic ETA tracking. This tool helps the workforce stay on top of their workplace travel logging obligations.

The platform is fully customisable via the settings page at anytime to meet your organisation's evolving requirements

Mining: in/out swing shifts, multi-site transportation
Oil & Gas: site inspection, air/land/sea travelling
Utilities: long distance infrastructure inspections
Researchers: field research, rural/sea experiments
Construction: Multi-site jobs, remote work locations
Consultants: Inspectors, site auditors, safety wardens
Emergency: SES volunteers, large scale rural searches
Other: logistics, rural emergency services, etc

Our technology is built to handle complex data at massive scale. Whether you conduct 10 journeys or 10,000 journeys, this tool will work seamlessly. To see what we're capable of, check out our contact tracing tool processing millions of check-ins for 7700+ locations.

Aligned with Safer Together's industry guidelines

Our Journey Management System has been developed in partnership with members of the Safer Together industry peak body organisation.

Find out more about Safer Together

What makes this platform unique?

This is an "it just works" solution that comes packaged with a lot of additional flexibility to customise the platform as required. This journey management safety tracking tool is packed full of deeply customisable features ensuring the tool works exactly the way you need it to.

FAQ articles: Collection of user guides for your workforce to arrive safely when travelling long distances

Journey Escalation Dashboard and alerts - read more
Multiple, fully customisable escalation policies - read more
Driver can easily extend journey ETA with single action
Open directions with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze
Email/SMS escalation notices for safety team - read more
Capture passenger contact details (optional, as backup)
Real-time location streaming via Google Maps (coming soon)
Dynamic ETA for traffic and delays (coming soon)
Custom announcements and legal/privacy policy notices
Privacy-aware by not tracking employee outside of journey
Scan QR Code or use URL (save to mobile home screen)
Works offline & in low signal (signal interrupts supported)

A bit about our organisation.

We help businesses, governments, and corporations with specific regulatory, privacy, and data security requirements achieve organisation-wide compliance seamlessly with our full-suite compliance workflow automation and reporting software solutions.

Our compliance, visitor management, vaccination, and surveillance testing solutions are used daily in more than 10,000 locations.

What about data privacy and protection?

We put data security and privacy at the core of our product decision making process. We follow best practice data security and privacy standards including HIPAA compliance for medical data, IRAP for government/military/banking data, and GDPR for EU citizens.

We have never, and will never sell and/or share Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

FAQ Article: Comply Group's policies (terms, privacy, cookies), OAIC guidelines compliance, Privacy Act 1988 compliance

Best practice data privacy policies - read more
Works with all devices (no app required) - read more
Best practice data security standards - read more
Enterprise-grade data security and storage - read more

Test all functionality for free, pay as you go pricing.

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