Visitor check-in and compliance workflows initiated with a touch

Customisable, secure, affordable tap or wave technology linked with any URL or QR Code providing a unique interactive experience

What are Touchpoints and how do they work?

Our Touchpoints use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology (the same technology used to do PayWave, ApplePay, or GooglePay) to enable anyone with an NFC-enabled mobile phone to initialise a bespoke compliance workflow or visitor checkin process.

Use a Touchpoint to wave or tap a phone instead of scanning a QR Code or typing a URL into the phone's browser

Step 1 - Connect QR Code or URL
1. Download app
2. Link Touchpoints
Step 2 - Position Touchpoints
Places: Doors, tables,
vehicles, equipment...
Step 3 - Tap or wave phone
Devices: Apple & Android
(most phones have NFC)

Each Touchpoint has a one-time payment of $9.99 per Touchpoint (ex. GST, plus shipping and packaging). Touchpoints only available in Australia and New Zealand. International shipping options are coming soon. Ask us when we can ship to your country.

What are some good use cases for using Touchpoints?

This technology is best suited to make interactions between the physical and digital world faster and frictionless. Any experience starting with someone scanning a QR Code or typing in a URL can be improved by providing a wireless tap or wave Touchpoint experience.

Checkins: Contact tracing, visitor management, etc.
Compliance: Checklists, workflows, submissions, etc.
Marketing: Newsletter signup, PDF/brochures, website, etc.
Hospitality: Contactless menus, feedback forms, etc.
QR Codes: Any QR Code can be connected to a Touchpoint
Websites: Any URL can be connected to a Touchpoint
Forms: Connect any web-based form to a Touchpoint
Downloads: Connect any web-hosted file to a Touchpoint

What is the setup process?

After receiving your Touchpoints in the mail, you can download our Touchpoint app (Android and iOS) which will guide you through the setup process for connecting your Touchpoints with your QR Codes (setup takes ~3 seconds per Touchpoint).

Our app will fully guide you through the entire process for coding each of your Touchpoints as required

FAQ Article: Touchpoints: Wireless tap/wave check-in technology

Order Touchpoints today (easy to setup).

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