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Check in toC CareSt Kilda • Victoria

Test mode: Do not use with real data!

This location has not yet been activated and should be used for testing purposes, with test data only.

When the location is activated all test data captured will be deleted and this message will be removed.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire

Each staff member should complete the following questionnaire before starting each shift.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

If you have a thermometer, take your own temperature. You are considered to have a fever if 37.5°C or above

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The ability to check in multiple people at once is enabled for this check-in portal, but it relies on Javascript, which is disabled on this device.

Other people

Add people who can be contacted using the same contact details e.g. children, dependents, etc

Health questions require self declaration

The above questions should be answered by each person individually, if they are capable of doing so.

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