We help businesses, governments, and corporations achieve organisation-wide compliance seamlessly with our full-suite compliance automation and reporting software.

Our journey started with providing best-in-class, customisable, affordable, secure, privacy-aware professional contact tracing for businesses and governments with complex, large scale requirements.

Our software is powering 8000+ locations across the country for customers including Rio Tinto, Parliament of Victoria, City of Melbourne, Medibank, RACV, and many more. Whilst contact tracing is our origin story, our software is already being used for other use cases including visitor management, journey management, asset compliance checklists and more.

We offer a vast, fully-integrated product suite across four primary compliance pillars. As your organsiations' requirements evolve over time, all of your data, user accounts, will remain the same as you use more Comply Group products.


We have translated our low-connectivity, high-device accessibility QR Code technology to seamlessly track and manage vehicles and equipment. By linking key asset information (usage, depreciation, EOL notices, etc) with maintenance and audit checklists we can provide organisations with a real-time safety snapshot of all assets under management.


Our checkin software consolidates multiple compliance, health, and safety processes a single workflow including health screening (COVID-19, whooping cough, etc), temperature checks, and instant "red notice" team escalation alerts. We also have a solution for medical centres to provide digital new patient forms via email or QR Code.


We offer a suite of solutions for managing personal safety including journey management, scheduled OHS checklists, location checkins, contractor licence checks, and more. Our unique focus on solution accessibility (no apps, minimal logins, works on every device, etc) increases workplace employee usage ensuring workplace safety for everyone.


A complete end-to-end visitor management system with real-time portals, capacity management, checkin/checkout, evacuation/stand-in-place alerts, meeting notifications, contractor licence uploads, large group checkins, and more. This system is flexible, customisable, and capable of instantly catering for evolving workplace requirements.